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Prof. Hicher from Ecoles Centrales gives an academic lecture


From 8th March to 12th March, Pierre-yves Hicher had given a series of academic lectures on Soil Dynamics at Room 211 in our lab.​Prof. Hicher gives the lecture.This series of lectures includes vibration, seismic wave propagatio...[Intro]

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  • Mr. Ou-yang Rensheng, deputy administrator of CEDD Pays a...

    The morning of 27th October witnessed the visit to our lab made by Ou-yang Rensheng, deputy administrator of Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD), and 15 representatives from The Hon... [详细]

    • 2019/11/26Our Lab Attends China Rock 2019 Annual Academic Conference
    • 2019/11/26Zhao Hua, the Associate Professor, made a report on her overseas study
    • 2019/11/19The 2nd Open Week in 2019 ended successfully
    • 2019/11/15Mr. Hu Fugen and his group from Beijing Institute of Geology visit our lab
    • 2019/11/14During Oct. 24 to Nov. 11, 2019, Academician Lv Ming from Norwegian Academy o...
    • 2019/09/03Notice on Application for the Opening Fund in 2020
    • 2018/04/09Application for iRALL School 2018 Now Open
    • 2018/04/09MEGE 2018 2nd Circular
    • 2018/03/05MEGE 2018 1st Circular
    • 2017/10/21Postdoctoral Research Positions in Geohazards / Engineering Geology / Geotech...
    • 2017/09/18No. 3 notice of the Sixth Youth Engineering Geology Seminar
    • 2017/07/08Notice:2018 Open Fund Application
    • 2017/07/08iRALL School 2017
    • 2017/03/06Postdoctoral Positions in Geohazards/Engineering Geology/Geotechnical Enginee...
    • 2016/04/06PhD in Earth Sciences: The fate of landslide debris after large earthquakes, ...
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    • 2019-03-20Prof. Hicher from Ecoles Centrales gives an academic lecture
    • 2018-12-20The fourth meeting of the second academic committee of SKLGP was held success...
    • 2016-04-12LARAM School 2016
    • 2016-04-12Kokomeren Summer School
    • 2016-02-25AOGS 2016 Beijing
    • 2016-02-244TH World Landslide Forum
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    • 2017-06-21Failure characteristics of gently inclined shallow landslides in Nanjiang, so...
    • 2017-06-21Experimental study and modeling of shear rheology in sandstone with non-persi...
    • 2017-06-21Comparison of two optimized machine learning models for predicting displaceme...
    • 2017-04-12Crosslinker effects on swelling and gel properties of pH- and temperature-res...
    • 2016-05-25Effects of rainwater softening on red mudstone of deep-seated landslide, Sout...
    • 2016-05-18Topographical and rainfall factors determining the formation of gully-type de...

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